Coronavirus Policy for pupils and teachers


Given the worry about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to clarify our policy to ensure the safety and well being of both our pupils and customers.

The core of our policy will mirror the Government's own guidelines laid out here.

Namely we ask that pupils who have visited or come into close contact with anyone who has visited any of the listed areas outlined in the government's "Returning Travellers" section here until they have been two weeks free of any symptoms. Please ring and cancel lessons with us as normal on 01535 603136.

Our lessons will continue as normal unless we let you know otherwise. As will our cancellation policy, we will still need 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson otherwise the lesson still needs paying for. We will be taking extra precautions including but not limited to:

Anti-bacterial wipe downs of all keyboards and pianos between lessons for all pupils.

Anti bacterial wipe downs of all door handles and surfaces regularly throughout the building.

We ask that, as per government guidelines you take care with your hand hygiene and be mindful that coughs and sneezes be aimed into tissues or arm sleeves. Good advice at any time really.

Obviously this being a moving situation these policies may change as the advice from government changes. We will also be keeping an eye on local schools policies to see if we can improve our own.